Why Do We Struggle with Impulse Buying?





A friendly reminder to avoid impulse shopping. We are tempted to make impulse purchases daily. 


One of the side effects of impulse buying is that you are wasting money that could be spent on things that are useful to you or on services and experiences that bring you pleasure and knowledge. Unnecessary purchases have an avoidable negative impact on the environment, which affects our well-being. 

Every year, British consumers spend £21.7 billion on impulse purchases. More than 50% of consumers make an impulse buy every time they go shopping. 71% of them then throw out those impulse buys - think of all that waste.  


Do you ever wonder how impulse buying gets you? There are three main reasons why people impulse buy. They are: 


1- Our emotions 

2- Our past experience 

3- We think we’re getting a good deal 

By planning what you need to buy before you go shopping, you reduce the chances of impulse buying, therefore doing both the environment and your bank balance, a favor. ⠀⠀ 

Do you have any tips about shopping more mindfully?  



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