Why We Should Teach Kids About Recycling And Get Them Involved




Today learning how to recycle is easier and more fun than ever for kids. Numerous games and activities related to recycling are designed to teach children to generate less waste, separate it, and reuse it, helping reinforce their ecological values and commitment to the environment.


Teaching children how to recycle early is essential for acquiring and practicing this habit throughout their lives. Both at home and at school, recycling activities can be developed for children through games, songs, and handicraft projects that make it easier and more fun to learn the 3Rs. These are some of the most original and easy-to-use educational resources: 


🖌️️ Draw the different recycling containers - It is ideal for the littlest ones to learn how to differentiate between the rubbish bins (paper, glass, plastic, etc.). When they are printed on paper, they can identify, relate to, and retain their shapes, colors and uses better. 


🧸 Make toys out of waste - This activity encourages re-use. In addition, the children learn about the properties and possible applications of the materials and develop their imagination and creativity by (for example) making puppets out of socks or houses out of shoe boxes. 


🏆 Prizes for reusing recyclable objects - Awards for meeting predefined recycling targets — such as collecting a certain number of batteries or bottle caps — are effective, especially, among slightly older children. 


🎮 Videogames about recycling - There are games for PCs and mobile devices that promote environmental sensitivity. You can also find them online, by searching the Internet. 


📺 Cartoons promoting recycling for children - On YouTube, there are episodes of children's animated series that make children aware of the importance of recycling. 


📚 Stories for children about recycling - There are many children's books, such as Michael Recycle, (Ellie Bethel y Alexandra Colombo), Look after your planet (Lauren Child) or Why Should I Recycle (Jen Green) that, in addition to entertaining and encouraging reading, foster recycling among the youngest.


Someday our children will receive the keys to the planet and will have to take care of it. They will have our future in their hands, and that of millions of species that will then depend on the sensitivity of their fingers to prevent their almost inevitable extinction. We must, therefore, stop the next generation from making the same mistakes that we have made and educate them to build a better, more sustainable world. 



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