You Can Make a Difference – Fight Climate Change






Armed with the power of science, you can make informed decisions about how to change some of your behaviors in ways that directly reduce your burden on the environment. You can’t fix the climate on your own, but you can become part of a generation that does. 


Lasting and dramatic change comes from countless little shifts throughout society. Mitigating climate change comes from everybody, and that includes you! 


You’ve probably heard this before, either from conservation organizations or your parents lecturing you about the utility bill. But it’s worth repeating conserving resources is good for everybody, especially the planet. 

  • Reduce water usage. 
  • Use less electricity. 
  • Eat less meat. We’re not saying you must go vegetarian, but easy changes go a long way over time. 
  • Avoid plastic. Really, the less you use the better. 
  • Drive less. Walk, bike, take the bus! Even fuel-efficient cars pollute, so park them when you can. Not to mention, it goes a long way to helping you stay in shape. 


It’s great if you change your habits, but to really save the planet, you’ll need to change others habits, too. Convince your family, friends, and neighbors to adopt greener lifestyles. Talk to your parents about buying less meat, get your friends to bike to where you need to go, and sweet-talk your neighbors into watering their lawns less. 


Get involved with organizations where you can take part in conservation activities. Volunteer in your local park to make it a green space that people want to use. Support environmental groups. Talk to local lawmakers about focusing community resources on projects that improve the environment, and therefore the city, town, or neighborhood overall. 


Most of all, learn! Read about environmental issues, study science in school. Go outside. Visit parks and talk to the people who take care of them. The more you know about your environment, the better equipped you are to conserve it, and to make a difference. 


At The EcoFairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.   


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