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Although plastic as we know it was introduced less than 100 years ago, it has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives. From light switches to cars to computers, plastics are unavoidable. Unfortunately, this explosion in plastic products has been devastating for our environment. 

Synthetic plastics are not biodegradable, which means that once they're manufactured, they're going to be with us in our landfills and oceans for hundreds if not thousands of years. The effect of it on the marine life has been researched about in recent years, and the enormity of the impact of plastic on other forms of life is just beginning to be understood. 

While we have let plastic invade our lives, because of the convenience it brings to us, there is also a whole laundry list of toxic chemicals that leach into our environment due to the manufacture and careless disposal of plastics. Recycling can help alleviate some of these problems, but the best way to protect the earth from plastics is to replace them with more eco-friendly alternatives like Bagasse. 


Compostable, eco-friendly bagasse is great for replacing plastic when you need disposable plates, cups or takeout boxes. Bagasse is made from the pulp that is leftover when the juice is extracted from sugarcane or beets. It can be used for other purposes, such as biofuel. It can also be pressed into a cardboard-like material to make waterproof food containers. It is biodegradable in a compost pile. 

Eco-Friendly Properties of Bagasse 

  • Produced as a bi-product from growing sugarcane.  
  • Sustainably sourced with little or no environmental impact. 
  • 100% compostable and will break down to compost if left in the natural environment. 
  • No additional additives or chemicals are needed to whiten or strengthen it. 
  • Quick replenishment of crops, with sugarcane being harvested in a single season. 


At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.    


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