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Double Wall Reusable Glass Bottle

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  •  KEEPS YOUR DRINKS COLD OR HOT LONGER: With its double-wall glass, your drinks’ temperature can last longer. The best water bottle.
  • CONVENIENT AND DURABLE: You can use our glass bottle for several types of drinks such as coffee, fruit-infused water, hot loose-leaf tea, crushed iced drinks, and smoothies. Due to the higher process requirements, double-layer glass is not easy to crack as a single-layer glass. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BEST WATER BOTTLE:100% BPA Free and no harmful plastic, chemicals, and toxins. All materials are FDA food-grade approved. 
  • 100 % SPILL PROOF: Worry not about tumblers leaking all over the place, our double-walled glass bottle is here.  
  • STYLISH AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY: You can carry our well-designed glass bottle anywhere even when you travel.