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Reusable silicone stretch lids
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Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids (6 pack)

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  • KEEPS YOUR FOOD FRESH: Our trendy airtight silicone lid ensures that your food stays fresh longer and prevents spills.  
  • EXTREMELY CONVENIENT: With our stretchy silicone lids, fits over almost any container sizes, such as soup bowls and mason jars. You will never have to find lid for your container.  This is really best silicone stretch lids.
  • DURABLE AND MONEY SAVER: Our extra-thick silicone covers can last long and you can use it again.  Our stretch lids can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, so they are freezer and microwave safe. You will save money from buying conventional cling wraps and zipper storage bags.   
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Care for mother Earth? With our silicone covers, you can eliminate plastic use that can harm our environment. Plus, they are BPA free, so we are safe from harmful chemicals present in plastic bags. You can reuse indefinitely unlike cling wrap, which is a single-use item that can't be recycled in most areas. This is really eco lifestyle stretchable silicone lids.
  • CLEAR AND COMPATIBLE LIDS: Our see-through sealing cover gives you a clear view of the food inside your refrigerator. In addition, they come in 6 convenient sizes, ranging from 2.75” to 8.3” diameters, stretching to a diameter of 12”.