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The EcoFairy ED 5000Kg


The EcoFairy ED 5000Kg is designed to treat 5000 kg (about 5.5 tons) of organic waste per day. It is an ideal choice for institutions and operations that wish to process large amounts of food waste near or off premises.

The process takes between 3 to 24 hours maximum. The raw waste is reduced by as much as 90% of its original volume, substantially lowering the cost of transporting it. All gases produced are filtered and cleaned before being evacuated outdoors. The resulting compost can be used as a high-quality organic soil amendment.

Made of high-quality rugged materials, the EcoFairy ED 5000Kg can reside in a loading dock, warehouse, storage facility or other location that is protected from the weather and able to accommodate a forklift.


Maximum Treatment Capacity: 5000kg/day

Rated Voltage:

Treatment Method: Fermentation and extinction method using microorganisms

Treatment Time: Within 24 hours

Deodorization System: Transition catalysis method

Power Consumption: 60kWh

Weight: 16 tons

Dimensions (W x D x H): mm: 8,930 x 2,910 x 2,900
in: 29’4″ x 9’7″ x 9’6″

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Our complete line of composting equipment can suit practically any size operation, from your home’s kitchen to large scale farming.

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The EcoFairy can design, build and install a customized composting solution for your large institution or municipality

How It Works

Thermophile bacteria thrive in particularly hot environments. We activate the bacteria by cranking up the heat, causing them to bloom and feed on the raw waste.